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Ruqyah, “Biological and Effective Remedies for Jadoo, Gin and Eye
The Rookia: Introduction Bismillah Arahamni Araheim Ruyaya is the therapy and relief of those who are suffering and have been stuck for years. Secondly, it is a protection against Muslims to strengthen Shirk and their faith. Thirdly, it is a doorway for non-Muslims. Fourth, it is a battle against witches, devils, witch doctors, watchers, and their allies and all forms of Shirk until it disappears completely. Ruqyah

1. The existence of witchcraft

Allah Ta’ala says: “Therefore every time a dispatcher went to their forerunners, they did not say whether it was a magician, or one” (Sura 51 verse 52).

Men by jinn constantly know the wonders of witchcraft and mastery, it is just the present that rejects realism for science, attempts to clarify everything by mental issues and superstitions. We can only surprise a few Imams and researchers. Having achieved these miracles as blessed messengers, truth also taught magic, and Allah demonstrates the truth of its effect: “And they do not instruct anyone to say: We are a seductress, do not turn into doubt ! They realize that they plant a disagreement between the person and his significant other. Be that as it may, they cannot hurt anyone with the exception of the leave of Allah ”(Sura 2, verse 102). We moreover know how the Prophet, petition and peace be upon him, he was incensed and tolerant until Allah sent the top messengers, tell him that he planted under a stone on the basis of drought all around Gays were tricked with hair and hips. Used for reason. He then needs to send a partner look and it is forbidding Surah to secure the hubs they have opened and the Prophet, petition and peace be upon him. “Wickedness of factionalists” is a reality. There are four manifestations of witchcraft and genie: Ruqyah

Obstacles in life: work, cash, marriage, training, rivalry, broken guarantees, bad luck… When the interruptions are strange and lousy we think it is witchcraft.

Unusual wellbeing issues: unexplained suffering and unchallenged bizarre medication can simply portray open wounds, sterility, and disqualification. Ruqyah

Unusual mental state: anger, indifference, grief, despair, absent mind: state, lack of certainty, lack of attention, listening and observing things frantically …

Nightmares, snakes, wipes, cows, ceremonially dressed, covered, falling water or climbing or flying, dead or grave, auto or vehicle, fire, fish, wives or evening wives.

Visit the page to learn about black magic and gin and how it is done.

2. The illegal character of witchcraft

Allah Ta’ala says: “They get from them the path of friction between man and spouse. Be that as it may, they are fit to hurt someone without the consent of Allah. They realize what hurts them and they are not beneficial. What’s more, they are well aware that anyone who wants to get this force will not have any good offer from the greats. For what terrible cost did he sell his soul! In the event that they only knew ” Ruqyah

Al’Imrân ibn Hussain – may Allah be satisfied with him – reported that the Prophet (may peace and salvation be upon him) said: “Not one of us, one who spreads superstition and those who trust, who Hyper vision and those for whom it is polished, he who rehearses witchcraft and for whom it is drilled, and whoever goes to the light, is confident in the questioning and anticipation, Mohammed (Peace and salvation should be upon him) was suspected. [[Al Bazzarwith reported by a decent series of transmissions.] Ruqyah

From Abu Huraira – may Allah be satisfied with him – reported that the Prophet (peace and salvation be upon him) said: “Whoever goes to a divyang or a light and believes in his predictions, he gave Muhammad that Has disbelieved in anything revealed. (Peace and salvation be upon him). “Reported by Ahmad, Abu Daud, At-Tirmidi, Al-Nasa’i, Ibn Majah and Hakim El]

See the healing page to learn about black magic and the genie and its work.

3. The Ruqya

Ruyaya is a combination and improvement of individuals who fall short and have been stuck for years. Certainly this is to avoid the insurance of Muslims and to strengthen their confidence. The third point is that Dawa is a gateway to non-Muslims in light of the fact that the Quran cures non-Muslims as Sahab Fatiha reunites by a tribal boss healer. Fourth, it is a battle against witches, devils, witch experts, demons and their allies and all kinds of evidence until it disappears completely. Witchcraft is a harm that affects the body, until it falls ill or kicks the bucket, and conflicts between mates, making it a trick and using legitimate methods for sexual intercourse Is administered. In fact, Allah Ta’ala has treated every evil practice


As Abu Huraira has indicated – may Allah be satisfied with that – the Prophet (peace and salvation be upon him) said: “Allah did not send sickness without treating him. “

The Muslim narrated from Zabir – may Allah be satisfied with that – that the Prophet (peace and salvation be upon him) said: “There is a cure for every disease, if the cure of the disease is found cured, then the patient again with Almighty Allah Will be found. “A special cure for witchcraft is in the Quran because witchcraft and evil words are expressions of Allah that scratch.

Allah Ta’ala says: “This Qur’an which we show to those who follow and reproduce and philanthropy, reduce the waste of vampirism if truth be told.”

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