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Wazifa, “is the name of Allah. We called this stipend when we later merged the 99 bands of Allah. The wazifa is a Sufi practice where we also recite the penance of Allah. A wazifa is a process of seeking Allah and in this particular process, we beg for our needs or appreciate Allah. If you intend to use the Wazifa for virtually any particular reason, then of course you should follow all the Wazifa training. For those who have missed any phase of the scholarship, there is no use to complete it because it will not work.

If you have taken the scholarship from the book and are doing it without any help or permission then you may get some bad results and it does not matter how to do it because our advice about getting hold of the expert of the scholarship is therefore Is that you should always try expert guidance. Otherwise, it will take a huge amount of time to get what you want, so you find it very difficult.


One thing to always remember mentally is that if you start the scholarship process, you definitely cannot miss any day, the process will continue every day until it is completed. If you miss any day then you will definitely start from the beginning so please use it very carefully. Using the scholarship process then it is important that you have good intentions. If your work is bad and you are going to do something wrong, please do not use the scholarship. The stipend is quite a sacred process immediately connected to Allah.

When you start the scholarship method, remember a few basic things, such as never share information about the actual scholarship, it should be clean, peaceful, almighty, in days and periods Must believe You can use Islamic Wazifa for virtually any purpose like appreciation, marriage etc., these can be found in Urdu language so please email us.

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